Şehid Gelhat Rûmet – Keith Lewis Broomfield


Nom de guerre: Gelhat Rûmet
Name Surname: Keith Broomfield
Mother’s name: Dana
Father’s name: Thomas
Birthday date and place: 8.3.1978, USA–Massachusetts
Participation date: 24.2.2015 Kobanê
Place and date of martyrdom: 3.6.2015, Kobani/Qenterê village

American YPG fighter Keith Thomas Broomfield (Gelhat Rumet) has fallen in the operation to liberate the Kobanê territory from ISIS gangs.

YPG said in a written statement that the 37-year-old Broomfield was killed on 3 June during the operation to liberate Qenterê village of Kobanê .

“The epic resistance waged by YPG/YPJ forces attracts not only the Kurdish youth but the entire humanity. This resistance, defending the values of humanity and strengthening the bonds of brotherhood in the society, attracts the young people from all over the world beyond the differences in language, religion, or nations”, said YPG.

YPG also recalled that previously Australian Şehit Bagok (Ashley Kent Johnston), and Şehit Kemal (Konstandinos Erik Scurfield) had fallen in Cizîrê Canton in the fight against the barbaric ISIS gangs.

YPG said martyr Keith had chosen Kobanê as a field of fight and had training there, and took part in most of the operations carried out in order to cleanse the villages and rural areas around Kobanê, adding that Keith bravely fought against the gangs until his last moment.

YPG said Keith was feeling happy to be in Kobanê as if he had found the place he was searching for and that he wanted to learn Kurdish and plumb the depths of the ideological background of the YPG.

“By keeping in the mind the reason for his participation in the YPG, we announce his death in great sadness and commemorate his enthusiasm and his valuable comradeship”, said the YPG

“We offer our condolences to the family of Keith, to all U.S. people and the people of Kurdistan, and we reiterate our promise to carry the aims of all martyrs to victory”, added the YPG, vowing to remain loyal to the principles of a common and free life of all the peoples. YPG added that YPG/YPJ forces will continue to fight against the ISIS gangs till the end.