Şehid Rustem Cudi – Guenther Hellstein


Nom de guerre: RUSTEM CUDİ
Place of birth: 0.11.1960/ALMANYA
Name of the Mother: MELTA
Name of the Father: JUHANNES
Date and place of martyrdom: 23.2.2016 / Şedade

YPG volunteer fighter Guenter Helstein, pseudonym “Rustem Cudi” lost his live in clashes against ISIS gangs on 23rd february 2016 in Shaddadi.
In an Interview he said: “Revolution is not only war and acrying weapons, revolution means to understand life right. To defend this life and the values of humanity, we are ready, for a the victory in this heavy war.”

On the 22rd February, my dear friend, Rustem Cudi from Germany, was martyred in combat. We spent the last three months of his life together. In these immediate moments of his passing, it is hard to know how to feel without recycling the clichés and pastiches that abound such realities of warfare. But the truth is, in the war-zone you meet incredible people, people like Rustem: full of warmth, kindness, bravery and countless other benevolent attributes; and seemingly by chance or with little reason they are taken from you. But it would be mistake to assume he died without reason. For Rustem, better than many, understood why he took such risks.

Rustem was a truly remarkable man. He radiated warmth and sincerity, impressing these qualities on everyone who crossed his path. He took an interest in people, regardless of who they were, and instantaneously strange