SDF announced the balance sheet in the Resistance of the Age and announced that 473 members of the Turkish army and allied gangs were killed in Afrin in one week.

Redur X.

“The invading Turkish army and allied Al-Qaeda terror organisation continue their savage attacks against our people living in Afrin Canton. The invading army and its supporters are mobilizing all their military technologies and targeting civilian settlements with warplanes and tanks. Still, they have made no remarkable progress so far.

Unable to advance in the face of the resistance by our fighters, the invading Turkish army is attacking civilian population savagely. As a result of these attacks, dozens of civilians including children, women and elderly have fallen as martyrs so far. With these attacks, they aim to force the people into migration and change demography of the region. The enemy is indicriminatey targeting and destroying historical places and damaging the most ancient temples in the Middle East.

The balance sheet of massacres perpetrated by the invading Turkish army and Al-Qaeda and Daesh affiliated  terrorist gangs  from January 26 to February 1, and of the actions by SDF fighters is as follows;

1- The invading forces attacked civilian settlements in Afrin on all fronts and carried out bombardments 1893 times.

2- Turkish warplanes bombed civilian areas and fronts of resistance 460 times.

3- Cobra helicopters hit civilian settlements and fronts of resistance 15 times.

4- Reconnaissance aircraft flew over Afrin countless times.

The Turkish army and affiliated Al-Qaeda terrorists used prohibited arms like Napalm and cluster bombs in their attacks. Schools and mosques were also targeted by the Turkish army and bombardments on these areas left several civilians dead or wounded.

1- Our forces harshly responded to the attacks, resulting in confrontations 250 times.

2- 473 members of the Turkish army and allied terrorists were confirmed killed.

3- Bodies of 32 Turkish soldiers and members of allied gangs remain in the combat areas and the enemy is not even able to retrieve these bodies.

4- A drone was downed and 25 military vehicles, including armored vehicles such as tanks and panzers, were destroyed.

5- 11 armored vehicles were left unusable.

6- Our forces seized an armored vehicle and a panzer, in addition to some ammunition.

7- Our forces engaged in armed confrontation with the enemy forces 72 times. The losses inflicted on the enemy in these clashes couldn’t be clarified.

8- 34 fighters of ours fell putting up a brave fight.

9- As a result of the attacks by the Turkish army, 30 people, among them women and children, fell as martyrs and dozens of others were injured.

10- A wounded fighter of ours was taken prisoner. The invading Turkish army and allied Al-Qaeda terror organisations kidnapped 6 civilians from border villages.”

Redur Xelil, Spokesperson for Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)