His comrades and people of Rojava paid their respects to Ş. Baran Galicia

S. Baran Galicia

Ş. Baran Galicia

Our struggle against the fascism and terrorism of the Turkish state, ISIS and the al-Qaeda gangs goes on. It will continue until we defeat the invaders and achieve victory. If our enemies look at the number of our martyrs and think that they will defeat us, they are wrong. If they look at the number of children, and the unarmed women and men and elderly they have viciously massacred and think that we will be intimidated, they are wrong. If they look at the number of houses they destroyed indiscriminately with the latest high-tech weapon systems and think that we, or the Kurdish people, or any of the other peoples of North Syria will give up, they are wrong. They are wrong if they think they can extinguish the torch of freedom that was lit in Kurdistan by Serok Apo years ago. This same torch of freedom is now held high all around the world. ISIS, supported by the fascist Turkish state, tried to extinguish it and they failed. They failed because the ideas of Serok Apo and the will of the Kurdish and North Syrian peoples were bullet-proof. They are still and are even more invincible now because now we are everywhere.

For the past four years, hundreds of internationalist comrades have joined our struggle and together with us defeated the Turkish-backed Islamic State; fighting side by side. For almost two months, Daesh and the al-Qaeda-backed fascist Turkish state has been trying to do what the gangs could not. Despite their weapons and lies, they haven’t been able to break the will of the people of Afrin. Afrin has truly become the Resistance of the Age. Their abominable barbarity has hit the wall of the YPG, YPJ and QSD. They have already been defeated it is simply a matter of time. They will pay dearly for what they have done to Afrin. They will pay with their blood and this will bring the end of the fascism of the Turkish state.

Ş. Baran Galicia was one of those who made the resistance in Afrin the ‘Resistance of the Age’. He was one of the valiant warriors for truth who fearlessly confronted the savagery of the Turkish-jihadist invasion. He came to Rojava without any military experience. But the great love he had for his fellow human beings and for nature made him a warrior par excellence. He was one of those who liberated Raqqa, the so-called capital of all that is evil. He then went to Shengal to protect and help the people there. But when he heard about Afrin, his decision to defend it was as solid and noble as his love for human beings and for nature.  Before he departed for Afrin he said ‘I will defend innocent people and the olive trees of Afrin. The innocence of children here is the same as in my country. The beauty of the olive trees is the same as in Galicia’. He fought courageously so that the children of Afrin would freely and peacefully live under the shadow of their olive trees. We are proud to be his comrades. We promise him that we and the people of Afrin will avenge him and will protect the honor of love and liberated life. We salute Commander Ş. Kendal Breizh who was martyred in Afrin on the same day and promise him that the fire storm of resistance in Afrin will be felt in Brittany and beyond. We salute our other internationalist martyrs and all the martyrs of Afrin and promise them that we will follow their examples and avenge them by turning the entire world into a battleground in order to defeat fascism and imperialism. We also salute Serok Apo, the leader of the Kurdish people and all oppressed peoples of the Middle East and beyond and promise him that we will never set down the torch of freedom he has lit   that we will spread and intensify the war against the enemy.

Şehid namirin!

Long live the Resistance of the Age in Afrin!

Biji Serok Apo!