We will continue to strike the enemy with guerrilla tactics and will make Afrin a graveyard for Turkish fascism and its fanatic gangs

S. Kendal Breizh


Dem baş heval,

We emphasised several times here that Afrin will not fall, and Afrin has not fallen. Keep your head high and do not waste your time with desparation and melancholy. Our command has evacuated as many civilians as possible and  lured the enemy into the trap of Afrin city. From now on, they won’t see us, but we will see them. They won’t hear us, but we will hear them and will watch them closely. We will attack them when they don’t expect us. Our IED’s will punish their greed and barbarity. Our ATGM’s will pierce into their armed vehicles. Our snipers will hunt them day and night.

Resistance of the Age goes on. We will continue to strike the enemy with guerrilla tactics and will make Afrin a graveyard for Turkish fascism and its fanatic gangs. More than 40 of them have been killed in the last 24 hours only by our invisible and invincible comrades by means of IED’s, ambushes and raids in the city center and in the surrounding areas.

As our comrades and friends know very well that the system of criticism/self-criticism that Serok Apo taught us is the backbone of YPG and YPJ. Everywhere in in the world, we should criticise mistakes made by our comrades and friends and offer our self-criticism about our own mistakes so that we can sharpen ourselves to harm the enemy in every possible way and to avenge our martyred comrades. We should be as fierce and constructive as possible when we criticise and as ruthless as possible when we offer self-criticism.

Recently, we have been honored by the martyrdom of internationalist revolutionary YPJ militant of YPG International, Ş. Helin Qereçox. We cannot afford to lose even a second by sadness and grief. We may only deserve being a comrade of Ş. Helin only if we truly understand who she was and how honorably she struggled against and confronted the enemy. We as YPG International warn and challenge those who portray her in a way that has nothing to do with who actually she was, with how  she took her place and how inspiring she was for her comrades in the ranks of Apoist and liberated women’s army of YPJ.  We salute her father, her whole family and friends and promise them to avenge her, to honor her struggle, and to realise her dreams. We renew our call on all our comrades and friends to use our legitimate right to retaliate and to let the enemy know that their agents, their supporters, and their collaborators will face Apoist revolutionary vengeance not only in Kurdistan but also in the whole world.

Nevroz piroz be!

Long live Resistance of the Age in Afrin!

Death to Turkish fascism!

Biji Serok Apo!


YPG International #Communique