Ş. Lêgerîn Çiya (Alina Sanchez) was laid to rest in Rojava

Speech made on behalf of YPG International Academy:

We as YPG International first of all salute our martyrs who were laid to rest in this place: Ş. Rustem from Germany, Ş. Givara from the UK, Ş. Rodi from Slovenia, Ş. Çekdar from the US, Ş. Gabar from France, and Ş. Baran from the Netherlands. We also salute all our Kurdish and Arab comrades who are here in this cemetery for our martyrs. We salute them and would like to express our gratitude for them and to let everyone know that our determination to continue our struggle is getting stronger every day and we will prevail against enemies of humanity.

Today we are honored to pay our respects to Ş. Lêgerin Çiya( Alina Sanchez). Ş. Lêgerin was a ‘searcher’ for truth as her name suggests. Her search started in Argentina and when she took her share from the truth of Serok Apo’s philosophy, she became a warrior of truth. From mountains of Kurdistan to banks of Euphrates, she fought as a warrior of truth and shared the truth of revolution. She fought with her beautiful heart and treated our comrades and our people. She will always be and inspiration for other searchers and warriors of truth, and the spirit of revolutionary internationalism will live on. It is exactly this spirit in the face of which our enemies tremble. The fact that they have not been able to break the will of the Kurdish people is already too much for them. The fact that Serok Apo, the leader of Kurdish people and of all oppressed peoples of the Middle East and beyond, still continues his noble resistance despite 19 years of barbarous and cowardly isolationist policies is already too much for them. The fact that peoples of Northern Syria embraced the democratic Rojava revolution is already too much for them. The fact that the Resistance of the Age still continues in Afrin and Shehba is already too much for them. They know that they will be defeated sooner or later by the will of Kurdish people, by the philosophy of Serok Apo, by the democratic revolution of Northern Syria, and by the Resistance of the Age. Therefore, they mobilize all that is dastardly and dishonorable at their disposal along with high-tech weapons, international conspiracies, and the diplomacy of bribery and blackmailing. Therefore, they are getting more and more barbaric in their genocidal policies. But they do not know what to do with revolutionary internationalists who join the ranks of YPG and YPJ. Our 39 martyrs from 15 different countries haunt our enemies in their sleep. As they could not be able to lock up millions in a cell, they could not be able to darken our sun that shines everywhere in the world now. Ş. Lêgerin has become a beam of our sun that will illuminate Latin America and Kurdistan forever.

We welcome Ş. Lêgerin to the heart of revolution of freedom and peace. We are honored to host her in the land of liberated and dignified woman militants of Serok Apo. We promise her and all our martyrs to continue our struggle against fascism, imperialism, and bigotry. We salute Ş. Helîn, Ş. Kendal, Ş. Baran, Ş. Şahin and all our marytrs who fell in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin. We salute the mother of Ş. Lêgerin and mothers of all martyrs and renew our vow to honor their struggle with victory. We will realize their dreams and we will spread the Apoist revolution of peace, freedom, and dignity.

Şehid namirin! Şehid namirin! Şehid namirin!  

Biji Serok Apo!  

20-04-2018 Derik