Ş. Kendal was laid rest in Rojava

Nom de guerre: Kendal Ramon

First-Last Name: Ramon Maria Rull Linhoff

Mother’s Name: Candelaria

Father’s Name: Ramon

Place of Birth: Madrid / Spain

Date and Place of Martyrdom: Deir ez-Zor / 13 May 2018

The speech made on behalf of YPG International Academy:

Every revolution, Serok Apo says, is an alliance. Two different worlds confront each other in revolutions. We, militants of Serok Apo, confront the world of fascism that is represented by Daesh, Turkish state and versions of both. Internationalism means international solidarity and alliance against fascism. At least 40 of our comrades from 15 different countries have proved their solidarity and have been martyred in the ranks of YPG and YPJ. Ş. Kendal is the eighth of our martyrs in this cemetery of martyrs. No pasarán! They shall not pass! Fascism of Daesh and Turkish state will be defeated. This is our promise to every single martyr of YPG and YPJ. The Apoist Rojava Revolution will be a beacon for a democratic civilization. Freed from sexism, exploitation and dehumanization of capitalism, oppression and genocides of nation-states, and pollution and destruction of society by industrialism, peoples of the Northern Syria will build an ethical-political and democratic community. They will build their communes where a liberated and dignified society will make democracy, arts, and sciences flourish. These communes will spread to all Kurdistan, the Middle East, and beyond. Children of Rojava will always remember our internationalist martyrs with admiration and gratitude. Maybe they will also go and fight for struggles against fascism in other parts of the world. Every single home of our martyrs in Kurdistan and in the world is a commune where the truth of Serok Apo’s philosophy and the noble struggle of Kurdish people are felt and shared. No weapon has been or will be invented to prevent the spread and actualization of this truth. Philosophy of Serok Apo along with lives and determination of our martyrs will be our guides in our revolutionary struggle for human dignity and for freedom and fraternity of peoples.

Ş. Kendal took his nom de guerre after our dear Ş. Kendal Breizh from Brittany, France who was martyred in the Resistance of the Age in Afrin in the fight against Turkish fascism. He said he was honored to take his name. We were together two months ago when we sent Ş. Baran Galicia who was also martyred in Afrin to Spain. There he said he was honored to bid farewell to a martyr from his own country. He himself also honored his commitment to the struggle against the fascism of Daesh. He is one of our oldest martyrs. But despite his age we have never seen him complain. He would cook and clean for his comrades all the time. Conscious and critical of meaninglessness of the capitalist modernity, he was always calm, collected, modest, and kind. It was his wish to be buried in Rojava in case he is martyred. We welcome him to this cemetery of martyrs and express our gratitude again for all those who were martyred for this struggle to defend peoples and their freedom. We promise again Serok Apo and all our martyrs that we will defend peoples of Northern Syria and will take Afrin back from the fascist Turkish state and its thugs. We will strengthen the fire of solidarity and fraternity of revolutionary internationalism. We salute all those who struggle against fascism in Kurdistan, the Middle East and beyond. We call on revolutionaries of the world to join the ranks of YPG International and to take a stand against global fascism of Daesh and the fascist Turkish state. We salute the noble resistance of Serok Apo in Imrali Prison against the isolation policies of the fascist Turkish state.

Şehid namirin!

Long live the Rojava Revolution!

Biji Serok Apo!

YPG International Academy